Congo Basin Forest Fund


The Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) is a multi-donor fund set up in June 2008 to take early action to protect the forests in the Congo Basin region. It aims to support transformative and innovative projects to be complemented to existing activities, which will develop the capacity of people and institutions of the Congo Basin to enable them to preserve and manage their forests. It provides a source of accessible funding, and encourages governments, civil society, NGOs and the private sector to work together to share specific expertise.
In November 2014 the British and Norwegian governments announced that they would not be releasing outstanding commitments to the fund. The CBFF is now winding down operations.
Details on our Data
  • Latest confirmation received from Fund Managers with latest data on Contributions and Projects: October 2015.
  • CBFF reports to have received a contribution (pledged and deposited) of US$50 million from the ICF-UK. While ICF-UK reports this contribution to be US$35 million. This discrepancy might be due to the inclusion of contributions from UK-ICF’s predecessor, the UK Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF), in CBFF reports.
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