New update – March 2013

New update – March 2013

The Climate Funds Update data is now current as of March 2013.

Since November 2012, countries have pledged and deposited money in a number of climate funds. The UK has pledged USD 147 million to the Clean Technology Fund and deposited USD 101 million. Sweden also made a new contribution to the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program for Low Income Countries of USD 26 million, and additional contributions to the Adaptation Fund (USD 15 million) and to the Least Developed Countries Fund (USD 17 million).

Most climate funds have approved new projects, particularly for adaptation:

  • The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience approved USD 121 million for 7 new full size projects (using both loans and grants) and 4 new preparation grants Mozambique, Tajikistan, Yemen, Grenada. Additional projects in Cambodia and Nepal were approved, as well as one regional project across Asia and the Pacific. The two biggest projects by funding focus on building climate resilience to transform hydro-meteorological services and adapt to climate related hazards.
  • The Least Developed Countries Fund approved USD 50 million in grants for 9 new adaptation projects in Burkina Faso, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Malawi, a second project in Mali, Sudan, Vanuatu and Yemen. Two of these are focussed on enabling women to adapt to climate change and build resilience. The GEF Trust Fund – Climate Change focal area (GEF 5) approved USD 37 million in grants for 12 new projects in different countries. These include renewable energy projects (e.g. rural electrification in Ecuador, solar photovoltaic energy in Iraq, and geothermal power projects in Djibouti) as well as energy efficiency, including low carbon development in Brazilian cities.

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