The Funds

A list of multilateral climate funds tracked by Climate Funds Update, and links to fund profile pages can be found below. Each fund page offers an overview of key details on each of the fund, including:

  1. A basic description
  2. Administering organization
  3. Fund finance and access modalities
  4. Fund governance

Climate Funds Update maintains as up to date data for multilateral funds as possible. A list of other climate funds, including those not tracked by CFU, is available on the climate finance architecture page.

Multilateral funds

FundFund TypeFund focusPledge (USD mn)Deposit (USD mn)Approval (USD mn)Disbursement (USD mn)Number of projects approved
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP)MultilateralAdaptation381.97331.79293.08194.6842
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP+)MultilateralMultiple Foci24.520000
Adaption FundMultilateralAdaptation1039.20978.28777.32453.54239
Amazon FundMulti Donor NationalMitigation - REDD1288.231288.23719.69528.89103
BioCarbon FundMultilateralMitigation - REDD349.89219.3510705
Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI)Multi Donor RegionalMitigation - REDD478.76319.59182.24182.2411
Clean Technology Fund (CTF)MultilateralMitigation - General5404.315404.315315.541721.64148
Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF)Multi Donor RegionalMitigation - REDD186.021164.6583.1158.9137
Forest Carbon Partnership Facility - Readiness Fund (FCPF-RF)MultilateralMitigation - REDD466.54466.54311.24253.4746
Forest Carbon Partnership Facility - Carbon Fund (FCPF-CF)MultilateralMitigation - REDD874.50874.50000
Forest Investment ProgramMultilateralMitigation - REDD735.86735.86573.73249.1848
Global Environment Facility (GEF4)MultilateralMultiple Foci1082.981082.98938.91938.92233
Global Environment Facility (GEF5)MultilateralMultiple Foci1152.401147.92825.88485.87233
Global Environment Facility (GEF6)MultilateralMultiple Foci1117.151109.43906.03207.39240
Global Environment Facility (GEF7)MultilateralMultiple Foci700.46700.361416.940128
Global Climate Change AllianceMultilateralMultiple Foci1332.901332.90898.97214.33109
Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy FundMultilateralMitigation - General281.50275.50223.5989.0719
Green Climate Fund (GCF IRM)MultilateralMultiple Foci10322.038279.566721.72807.84505
Green Climate Fund (GCF-1)MultilateralMultiple Foci9998.251899.40836.3611.5266
Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF)Multi Donor NationalMultiple Foci26.1716.70000
Least Developed Countries FundMultilateralAdaptation1686.421583.821278.12533.72285
MDG Achievement FundMultilateralAdaptation89.5089.5089.5289.5218
Partnership for Market ReadinessMultilateralMitigation - General131.46129.7682.3563.0242
Pilot Program for Climate ResilienceMultilateralAdaptation1144.791144.79988.81618.0768
Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program for Low Income CountriesMultilateralMitigation - General765.62765.62600.99108.0964
Special Climate Change FundMultilateralAdaptation379.6372.94283.99180.6672
UN-REDD ProgrammeMultilateralMitigation - REDD329.04323.94323.52315.5635

The data above is up to date as of December 2022. If you notice any mistakes, or omissions, please contact the Climate Funds Update team.